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We’re B a c k!

16 Jul

Well it has been a few weeks but the band is back from holiday and as ready as ever!
Griffin had a great couple of weeks vacationing on the East Coast and Ian had a spectacular Europe trip. On that trip to Europe, he dropped a few demos off at the London EMI office and was told that if they like what they heard, we would hear back in a month.. so fingers crossed!

Now that we’re back together it’s time to start pulling out all the stops! Tonight for the kick off is our first summer show at The Waypost in Portland. We’re playing with Rivers Banks and Your Rival and it’s going to be a great show!
Next week we’re going to start hammering out the rest of our EP and will be releasing it as soon as possible! Also, next weekend we’re doing a band photo shoot so that we start to have that “image”. While all we truly want to focus on is our music, we understand that having some real pictures for the MySpace and all is nice too.

So that’s what we have on our plates for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for new songs to come and more shows! We love you all!