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May Update

9 May

Hello Everybody!

It’s been awhile since we did a band update so I thought I’d let you all know what has been going on lately!

Griffin and Ian were interviewed last week by the local paper “The Vancouver Voice.” You can read the article by clicking here.
(We apologize to our bassist, Brennan Jung, for not being included in the article. Brennan, we still love youuu!)

We had a great show a few weeks ago with some out-of-towners at Backspace Cafe in Portland and we’re looking at a show there next month (Specifically June 24th)!

We’ve been busy writing and practicing a plethora of new songs and are planning to begin recording a second EP at the end of the month with the help of our friends Shawn and Kyle Fleming of the former Rotating Superstructure. We’re all extremely excited about these new songs and we hope you’ll all love them.

In the mean time, you can still listen to all of our latest songs released to the interweb from our BandCamp page!
Listen to our newest 4 songs by clicking the image below!


Anyways, that’s about all that has been going on in our world lately. Everyone is finishing up school and we’re trying to start planning for the summer: booking, recording, merchandising, oh my!
We’ll keep you in the loop and try to use the blog more consistently.

Thanks for the support!
Griffin, Tyler, Brennan & Ian

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Standing at the Drop-off!

24 May

Dodgeball Uniforms and Glow Sticks for "Drop!"

Well the last few weeks have been very busy for us! First off, on May 13th was our school talent show. We as a band spent the week leading up to this performance figuring out a way to really make a BANG! After much collaboration, what we came up with was — dodgeball uniforms and glowsticks, what else? — Imagine if you will, out of a lineup filled with piano solos and Flight of the Conchord covers, one band dares to take their show to the extreme….

…The room is pitch black. All that can be heard is the cheers of teenagers. Out of the darkness comes neon lights. These lights bounce and move in the form of drumsticks and guitars while the music begins to grow. For about a minute, these lights play a catchy intro called Drop-off! until all of the sudden, the music stops — silence — then Griffin yells, “1-2-3-4!!!” The lights come on and the band, sporting matching dodgeball uniforms, plays the song Drop!

Personally, I felt this was the greatest performance so far. To wear ridiculous outfits and be able to add a bit of entertainment to our show and make it more than just music was fantastic. I never get nervous about playing live but for some reason the overwhelming cheers and the inability to see anything (along with the fact that we had to set up all our equipment in a matter of 45 seconds) gave me a huge rush!

Band Drum Head

Thank You Rachel Krueger!

Soon after the talent show, on May 15th we played in the courtyard of the Rose Garden as a part of the Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Heart Screening. It was a great chance for us to experiment with our sound in an outdoor environment and we got a great reaction from passersby (i.e. during our 11 minute version of “The World Outside”). Playing at the Rose Garden was 4 hours of fun and a perfect opportunity to show off our new bass drum head which was hand painted by our friend Rachel Krueger. A special thanks to Rachel and to everyone who volunteered at the event and soaked in our music!

Now away from the live side of the band and into the dojo..
On Friday afternoon, Griff and I shut ourselves off from the world as we laid down the guitar and drum tracks for “Drop!” It was a fantastic start to the recording and the final results left us both with a musical orgasm of sorts. Griffin continued the recording process for most of today and we are hoping to have it up on the internet for your beautiful ears to enjoy by the end of the week.

That’s what’s been going on in our lives for the last few weeks. Coming up we’re playing a couple of shows that will definitely be worth attending. On June 4th, we’re playing at Skyview High School around 5:00 for their end of year Spring Fling then that same night, we’re featured in the Skyview Battle of the Bands across the street at Alkai Middle School. (We actually need to sell 20 tickets to this so buy one from us for $5 and we’ll give you free music!)
The BIG upcoming show will be June 11th at Pop Culture with our friends In Retrospect. Stick this on your calendar because I can promise you it will be the show worth watching! Also, if you want to know what we’ve been listening to lately, check out MGMT, Blitzen Trapper and the song “To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)” by Ryan Adams!

Thanks for all the love!

Recording Day 2/Happy b-day Lincoln

13 Feb


Happy birthday Abraham Lincoln.  To celebrate our wonderful president, we recorded an older song, “Layter 1”.  This song is sort of the title track to the eventual LP.  I wrote it in the summer of 2007 and since then it has grown a lot and I’m really pleased with how the recording captured it.  The song’s a bit longer (4:16, to be exact), but I hope you will all enjoy it when we release it. Which brings me to the next topic, we will be keeping these next several recordings to ourselves.  So you will have to wait to hear them for awhile.

We recorded “Layter 1” in exactly an hour and a half and recording was really smooth.  I added acoustic guitar for texture and then more keyboard lines to make it less boring.  I envision we will release it to be heard sometime this summer.


recording – day 1

6 Feb

“Lit Up”, was completed Saturday in 3 takes (woohoo!).  Once we finished guitar, bass, drums, and added Reilly on keys, we took a break because our brains had been fried.  Sunday, I took to the mixing board and added some more keyboard lines and mellotron strings, which I’m particularly fond of.  With the addition of strings, the song has a more fluid sound I’d been going for the whole time.  Satisfaction. Lit Up= check!



Today was the first day of recording for our CD “Layter, Maybe” and it went GREAT! We are starting by re-recording all of the songs that Griff originally did solo. (Anything currently on the MySpace or Facebook is from before the band got together.)

Griff and I worked on Lit Up today (Reilly couldn’t make it but he’ll join us tomorrow!) and so far we’ve laid down the Guitar, Bass, and Drum tracks! Tomorrow we’re dedicating all day to getting some serious progress made.

Just a heads up people, it’s going to sound spectacular when we’re finished!