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Overnight Fame!

2 Aug

We can’t explain how it happened. We aren’t complaining that it happened. It still blows our mind that it happened!

Since our last post, Faire du Surf has gained a keyboardist, Tyler Peterson. We’ve described him as a “beast on the keyboard” because that’s exactly what he is! Every song sounds stronger (and sexier) with the addition of his chords and runs! We are so excited for this addition and are ready for the world to hear our full band on August 20th at Wild Rumpus.

ANYWAY back to the baffled band part…
Last night, while adding Tyler to all our band websites, I logged onto our profile at PureVolume.com. We use this website as a chance for fans to download free mp3s of our songs since neither Facebook or MySpace allows this.

Over the last few months, I think we had a total of about 20 total downloads of our songs (Not a huge number). Specifically, “Lit Up” had around 10 downloads..
These statistics rose dramatically last night and we now have 6,120 Total Downloads with 5,981 being just “Lit Up” alone! We are currently ranked at #10 on their list of Top Bands Today (We were at one point last night #7 right above Secondhand Serenade) and we are still holding strong at #1 on their Top Downloads page! Honestly, we have no idea how this happened! We didn’t do anything at all out of the ordinary. But somehow just in the last day 6000 people have listened to our music. We want to know who sparked this little viral explosion because they are officially now ranked as our #1 Fan!

Whether or not our success on the website PureVolume.com will have any effect on our future success in the rest of the world is unknown. But this event is a serious sign that you cannot ignore, Faire du Surf is going places and in huge strides. As the Beatles quote on our PureVolume page says, “Toppermost of the Poppermost“… and that’s exactly where we’re going!


Click Here for a FREE download of our song “Lit Up”