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famine.. it sucks.

17 Feb

Last night we played at the “Playing For Change: Famine Awareness & Benefit” Concert and had a lot of fun! It was an extremely relaxing environment with couches and pillows set up for people to lounge on while listening. We’d really like to thank Christian Fredrickson for inviting us to play and for doing such a great job of handling some last minute upsets in the scheduling. Christian, you’re the man!

Also, we want to remind everybody that we’ve got a show coming up on March 10th (Wednesday) at Skyview High School as a way to raise money for the Trey Foote Foundation. We’ll be playing with both If All Else Fails and Search & Rescue. Tickets cost $3 and are available through Griffin or Ian and will be going fast so hit us up!

Love you all!

you caught me! …dancing?

9 Feb

“Lit Up” is officially recorded and up on Facebook and Myspace!!! We’d love to hear what you think of it and are so excited to be started on our CD “Layter, Maybe”

On Monday, Feb 15th we’ll be headlining at “Playing For Change: the Famine Awareness and Benefit Concert” It starts at 5:00 and is at the Real Life Christian Center which is located at 1313 NE 134th St. Vancouver, WA (Right behind the Wayside Market). It’s a great cause and it’s $2 to get in. Please tell your friends and we hope to see you there!


ps. If you’re curious, here’s the lyrics to “Lit Up”…

Lit Up
by Faire du Surf

Can I tell you a secret
I cried myself to sleep last night
I hope that you can keep it
‘Cause I don’t want you to change your mind

I don’t know what else to do
Some simple things are hard to do

Late that afternoon
I caught you running by your house
I thought what should I do
And boy my heart was running fast

I could not believe so suddenly
I’d get that opportunity

You preoccupied my mind
I was paralyzed, lit up inside
I never felt so alive, never felt so dead
But you caught me dancing

I’d been left defenseless thinking I could find the words
But I’d been wrong before and I was then
You were so content in knowing you were under my skin
I believed in luck until that I cannot begin to comprehend

But you caught me dancing
Yeah, you caught me red handed
Oh, you caught me dancing