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Turn to Dust on iTunes

10 Oct

It’s been longer than we woulda liked since our last post but better late than never… We have a lot of updates so here we go!

1. Brennan and Ian both have beards!!! (That’s the most important update)

2. Our MySpace (Yes, some people still use MySpace) was redone by Free Like Birds Design and looks amazing! We also got a new URL: myspace.com/fairedusurf

3. We are in the process of writing 5 new songs!

And finally… the most, most important update!

4. TURN TO DUST is now on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic,  Napster, CD Baby, and BandCamp!!!!
So please, buy our music. Listen. Write a Review. Illegally share it with everyone in the world! (Legally is cool too, though.)

We’re excited to hear what you think of it!
Faire du Surf!

It’s not Drop. or Drop? …It’s Drop!

29 May

We just posted our song “Drop!” on Facebook and MySpace. We’re extremely happy with it so check it out and let us know what you think!

by Griff Taylor

All my friends are going down and they want me to drop
But I will not, I will not
Long brown hair in a ponytail but never in a knot
When it gets hot, and it gets hot

All my friends are going down and they want me to drop
I’ll give it the best that I’ve got
Painted nails and rosy cheeks, I’ve never felt so weak
But I won’t drop, I won’t drop

I won’t drop, I won’t drop
And neither should you…

When the whole world is going down, they’ll want you to drop
But don’t stop, just don’t stop
I see your legs in tennis shorts, it puts me out of sorts
When it gets hot, and it gets hot

And you get hot, but I won’t drop
And neither should you…

Bassists, Shows, and Downloads. Oh My!

28 Feb

Hey everyone,
So now that February is over, we’re looking at things to start picking up a little bit in March! We’re still recording every chance that we get but if you haven’t heard, Reilly has left the band due to some personal issues. His musical talents will be greatly missed. However, Brennan Jung has taken up the challenge of playing bass and just finished his second practice with us today!

In the next few weeks, we have a few shows coming up! Next Saturday, March 6th, we will be playing at The Grind Coffeehouse with Griffin’s old band “The Shivas”. It’s going to be a great acoustic show so feel free to come on out, drink some coffee, and listen to some amazing music!

I mentioned it in our last post but on Wednesday, March 10th, we will be playing a benefit concert for the Trey Foote Foundation with “If All Else Fails” and “Search & Rescue” at Skyview High School. The cover charge is $3 and tickets are available through either Griffin or myself! This will be our first show as a full band so hold onto your socks for they will be getting rocked!

Finally, we’ve been saying this a lot lately but we just finished recording “Layter 1” about a week ago so go to either our MySpace (Which now has a new layout!!!) or our PureVolume page (We also have a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Lit Up” available!) to check it out!

Thanks for all your support and please share us with all your friends!

you caught me! …dancing?

9 Feb

“Lit Up” is officially recorded and up on Facebook and Myspace!!! We’d love to hear what you think of it and are so excited to be started on our CD “Layter, Maybe”

On Monday, Feb 15th we’ll be headlining at “Playing For Change: the Famine Awareness and Benefit Concert” It starts at 5:00 and is at the Real Life Christian Center which is located at 1313 NE 134th St. Vancouver, WA (Right behind the Wayside Market). It’s a great cause and it’s $2 to get in. Please tell your friends and we hope to see you there!


ps. If you’re curious, here’s the lyrics to “Lit Up”…

Lit Up
by Faire du Surf

Can I tell you a secret
I cried myself to sleep last night
I hope that you can keep it
‘Cause I don’t want you to change your mind

I don’t know what else to do
Some simple things are hard to do

Late that afternoon
I caught you running by your house
I thought what should I do
And boy my heart was running fast

I could not believe so suddenly
I’d get that opportunity

You preoccupied my mind
I was paralyzed, lit up inside
I never felt so alive, never felt so dead
But you caught me dancing

I’d been left defenseless thinking I could find the words
But I’d been wrong before and I was then
You were so content in knowing you were under my skin
I believed in luck until that I cannot begin to comprehend

But you caught me dancing
Yeah, you caught me red handed
Oh, you caught me dancing

recording – day 1

6 Feb

“Lit Up”, was completed Saturday in 3 takes (woohoo!).  Once we finished guitar, bass, drums, and added Reilly on keys, we took a break because our brains had been fried.  Sunday, I took to the mixing board and added some more keyboard lines and mellotron strings, which I’m particularly fond of.  With the addition of strings, the song has a more fluid sound I’d been going for the whole time.  Satisfaction. Lit Up= check!



Today was the first day of recording for our CD “Layter, Maybe” and it went GREAT! We are starting by re-recording all of the songs that Griff originally did solo. (Anything currently on the MySpace or Facebook is from before the band got together.)

Griff and I worked on Lit Up today (Reilly couldn’t make it but he’ll join us tomorrow!) and so far we’ve laid down the Guitar, Bass, and Drum tracks! Tomorrow we’re dedicating all day to getting some serious progress made.

Just a heads up people, it’s going to sound spectacular when we’re finished!