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Going West

25 Feb

Check out our new song “Going West”!

I’m waking up from a dream
I shook this coast off and quit this scene
Now I’ve grown tired, my money’s spent
I’m going home to the west

I can feel it in my bones

The Puget Sound, it called my name
Manhattan’s voice just doesn’t sound the same
Now I’ve grown tired, I must confess
Dreaming of home in the west

I can feel it and now I want it
I can feel it in my bones

I heard the home phone ring in the 603
Spell it out for me
NH, NY, oh please

I can feel it in my bones
I’m going home to the west

Walk to Canossa

21 Nov

It starts with a walk, we’ve felt this way for hours
But it’s late, and we sing from the top of our lungs especially
So roll down the windows, turn up your favourite song
The lights are yellow but we’re running them

It starts when I wake, hello wings it’s been awhile
And it burns, burning up, it makes me want to stop
Roll down the windows, take the long way home
Explore the great unknown like it’s everywhere

Walk to Canossa, walk to Canossa
Walk to Canossa, forget Antioch

Excommunicated, you lay prostrate
As if you’d been betrayed
As if you were the victim

He stayed three days
Genuflected pace
A humbling grace
On his majesty’s face
Like King Henry
Just like Henry
In the snow

Walk to Canossa, walk to Canossa
Walk to Canossa, forget Antioch

In the Woods

11 Nov

This sky is crawling away from me
The ice is melting
And all the trees and grass
Now just wait for time to pass
And soak in the sun at last

My gut can’t stomach the apathy
Your mind decided
The sight of me no more
Holds the light for what’s in store
When my knees press to the floor

And you call me when you’re broken
Oh god, my god
So you cry out from the top of your lungs

Your gut may stomach the rivalry
But my mind decided the end of this is near
Though we used to be so dear
But we gave in to the fear

So don’t call me when you’re broken down
In the woods


Turn to Dust

17 Sep

“Start it again and take a stab at the light
And slowly begin to curse the end of the night
Hollow hearts don’t learn
But ashes made to burn
Will cover all of us and our bodies with dust
Like them

Return to the sound of her voice wishing on an eyelash
That someday she’ll be with a boy who will do what she asks
But wishful eyes just yearn
That one day they’ll get their turn
To cover all of us like an aqueduct of tears

Haven’t slept a single wink but you know just why
Now she is sealing her fate to the sky
But I won’t hold my tongue
Any longer while we’re still young and loved
‘Till midnight comes and we both turn to dust
And we will turn to dust

These lyrics are the cornerstone of the EP, the thesis, the reformist theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the Catholic church, a summary of all the thoughts and ideas going through my head.  They mean a great deal to me and represent a lot of things, in such a way I wrote them to be able to speak, yell, or whisper for themselves, and they do.

EP coming so very soon.


It’s not Drop. or Drop? …It’s Drop!

29 May

We just posted our song “Drop!” on Facebook and MySpace. We’re extremely happy with it so check it out and let us know what you think!

by Griff Taylor

All my friends are going down and they want me to drop
But I will not, I will not
Long brown hair in a ponytail but never in a knot
When it gets hot, and it gets hot

All my friends are going down and they want me to drop
I’ll give it the best that I’ve got
Painted nails and rosy cheeks, I’ve never felt so weak
But I won’t drop, I won’t drop

I won’t drop, I won’t drop
And neither should you…

When the whole world is going down, they’ll want you to drop
But don’t stop, just don’t stop
I see your legs in tennis shorts, it puts me out of sorts
When it gets hot, and it gets hot

And you get hot, but I won’t drop
And neither should you…

you caught me! …dancing?

9 Feb

“Lit Up” is officially recorded and up on Facebook and Myspace!!! We’d love to hear what you think of it and are so excited to be started on our CD “Layter, Maybe”

On Monday, Feb 15th we’ll be headlining at “Playing For Change: the Famine Awareness and Benefit Concert” It starts at 5:00 and is at the Real Life Christian Center which is located at 1313 NE 134th St. Vancouver, WA (Right behind the Wayside Market). It’s a great cause and it’s $2 to get in. Please tell your friends and we hope to see you there!


ps. If you’re curious, here’s the lyrics to “Lit Up”…

Lit Up
by Faire du Surf

Can I tell you a secret
I cried myself to sleep last night
I hope that you can keep it
‘Cause I don’t want you to change your mind

I don’t know what else to do
Some simple things are hard to do

Late that afternoon
I caught you running by your house
I thought what should I do
And boy my heart was running fast

I could not believe so suddenly
I’d get that opportunity

You preoccupied my mind
I was paralyzed, lit up inside
I never felt so alive, never felt so dead
But you caught me dancing

I’d been left defenseless thinking I could find the words
But I’d been wrong before and I was then
You were so content in knowing you were under my skin
I believed in luck until that I cannot begin to comprehend

But you caught me dancing
Yeah, you caught me red handed
Oh, you caught me dancing