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You Caught Me Dancing

19 Dec

Have you heard our song “You Caught Me Dancing”? You can only download it at our BandCamp when you buy our entire EP!

CLICK HERE to go to the Faire du Surf BandCamp

Winter Weather Needs Summer Music

18 Dec

When the weather’s cold and the News Report is calling for a chance of snow, it helps to escape to some warm, beach getaway.

But since most of us don’t have that escape, we’ve got the next best thing!

Go to our BandCamp, kick of your snow boots, and RELAX!


Turn to Dust on iTunes

10 Oct

It’s been longer than we woulda liked since our last post but better late than never… We have a lot of updates so here we go!

1. Brennan and Ian both have beards!!! (That’s the most important update)

2. Our MySpace (Yes, some people still use MySpace) was redone by Free Like Birds Design and looks amazing! We also got a new URL:

3. We are in the process of writing 5 new songs!

And finally… the most, most important update!

4. TURN TO DUST is now on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic,  Napster, CD Baby, and BandCamp!!!!
So please, buy our music. Listen. Write a Review. Illegally share it with everyone in the world! (Legally is cool too, though.)

We’re excited to hear what you think of it!
Faire du Surf!

Free Download of “Lit Up” on

10 Oct

Our EP “Turn to Dust” is now available on iTunes!
Get a preview by downloading “Lit Up” for FREE on