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May Update

9 May

Hello Everybody!

It’s been awhile since we did a band update so I thought I’d let you all know what has been going on lately!

Griffin and Ian were interviewed last week by the local paper “The Vancouver Voice.” You can read the article by clicking here.
(We apologize to our bassist, Brennan Jung, for not being included in the article. Brennan, we still love youuu!)

We had a great show a few weeks ago with some out-of-towners at Backspace Cafe in Portland and we’re looking at a show there next month (Specifically June 24th)!

We’ve been busy writing and practicing a plethora of new songs and are planning to begin recording a second EP at the end of the month with the help of our friends Shawn and Kyle Fleming of the former Rotating Superstructure. We’re all extremely excited about these new songs and we hope you’ll all love them.

In the mean time, you can still listen to all of our latest songs released to the interweb from our BandCamp page!
Listen to our newest 4 songs by clicking the image below!


Anyways, that’s about all that has been going on in our world lately. Everyone is finishing up school and we’re trying to start planning for the summer: booking, recording, merchandising, oh my!
We’ll keep you in the loop and try to use the blog more consistently.

Thanks for the support!
Griffin, Tyler, Brennan & Ian

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faire·du·surf – noun [fair-doo-surf]

17 Jan

[Click to Enlarge]

Fun Fact: Apparently we are a word on Urban Dictionary! Thanks to whoever called us hot!

Tyler VS Stuff

11 Jan

Check out our keyboardist Tyler Peterson’s many talents! He’s a BEAST!

Turn to Dust on iTunes

10 Oct

It’s been longer than we woulda liked since our last post but better late than never… We have a lot of updates so here we go!

1. Brennan and Ian both have beards!!! (That’s the most important update)

2. Our MySpace (Yes, some people still use MySpace) was redone by Free Like Birds Design and looks amazing! We also got a new URL:

3. We are in the process of writing 5 new songs!

And finally… the most, most important update!

4. TURN TO DUST is now on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic,  Napster, CD Baby, and BandCamp!!!!
So please, buy our music. Listen. Write a Review. Illegally share it with everyone in the world! (Legally is cool too, though.)

We’re excited to hear what you think of it!
Faire du Surf!

Sunny, with a Chance of Dust

8 Aug

I’ve had this idea in my head for months; really since about this March. Idea isn’t even the proper lexical term to fully encompass what I mean.  It’s sort of a combination of an idea, a grand image, a feeling, a mood, a phase, (etc…) that has completely changed my outlook on everything.  In effect, this idea (again, a very all-encompassing use of the word), has made music extremely visual.  Every time I write a song I have this vivid and baroque image in my head of every detail of the song and every detail of the word.  For me, this is crucial.  It helps me create more than a song; it helps me create an image, a feeling, a mood, a phase (like I mentioned above) and lets the lyrics be just as objective and direct as they are arbitrary.

The term, “Turn to Dust”, does just this for me, and the artwork we’ve chosen for it completely maximizes the visual element of the music.  Things will be clearer when it is released (projected for mid-September), and you can all enjoy it and, hopefully, feel what the music and lyrics are calling on the listener to feel as well as draw on your own conclusions and sentiments from it.

The EP will have five songs on it, which we’ve already chosen, and once we are done recording it we’ll announce more specific things about it.  It will be our “Sun Giant”, our “Yellow EP”, our “Modern Age EP”, and the list goes on and on.  We are trying to break the ice and get our name out there and see where we can go with this, and I have never been more confident about anything in my entire life.  Also, for those who are inclined enough to buy it, will receive another free EP in return.


Until midnight comes, and we both turn to dust again. . .”

Overnight Fame!

2 Aug

We can’t explain how it happened. We aren’t complaining that it happened. It still blows our mind that it happened!

Since our last post, Faire du Surf has gained a keyboardist, Tyler Peterson. We’ve described him as a “beast on the keyboard” because that’s exactly what he is! Every song sounds stronger (and sexier) with the addition of his chords and runs! We are so excited for this addition and are ready for the world to hear our full band on August 20th at Wild Rumpus.

ANYWAY back to the baffled band part…
Last night, while adding Tyler to all our band websites, I logged onto our profile at We use this website as a chance for fans to download free mp3s of our songs since neither Facebook or MySpace allows this.

Over the last few months, I think we had a total of about 20 total downloads of our songs (Not a huge number). Specifically, “Lit Up” had around 10 downloads..
These statistics rose dramatically last night and we now have 6,120 Total Downloads with 5,981 being just “Lit Up” alone! We are currently ranked at #10 on their list of Top Bands Today (We were at one point last night #7 right above Secondhand Serenade) and we are still holding strong at #1 on their Top Downloads page! Honestly, we have no idea how this happened! We didn’t do anything at all out of the ordinary. But somehow just in the last day 6000 people have listened to our music. We want to know who sparked this little viral explosion because they are officially now ranked as our #1 Fan!

Whether or not our success on the website will have any effect on our future success in the rest of the world is unknown. But this event is a serious sign that you cannot ignore, Faire du Surf is going places and in huge strides. As the Beatles quote on our PureVolume page says, “Toppermost of the Poppermost“… and that’s exactly where we’re going!


Click Here for a FREE download of our song “Lit Up”

We’re B a c k!

16 Jul

Well it has been a few weeks but the band is back from holiday and as ready as ever!
Griffin had a great couple of weeks vacationing on the East Coast and Ian had a spectacular Europe trip. On that trip to Europe, he dropped a few demos off at the London EMI office and was told that if they like what they heard, we would hear back in a month.. so fingers crossed!

Now that we’re back together it’s time to start pulling out all the stops! Tonight for the kick off is our first summer show at The Waypost in Portland. We’re playing with Rivers Banks and Your Rival and it’s going to be a great show!
Next week we’re going to start hammering out the rest of our EP and will be releasing it as soon as possible! Also, next weekend we’re doing a band photo shoot so that we start to have that “image”. While all we truly want to focus on is our music, we understand that having some real pictures for the MySpace and all is nice too.

So that’s what we have on our plates for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for new songs to come and more shows! We love you all!