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Faire du Surf


Like most projects, Faire du Surf began as a solo project in 2009 and continued to grow over the next year. After their song “Lit Up” became the #1 Most Downloaded Song on PureVolume.com with over 45,000 downloads in August, 2010, the band released what would be their only EP “Turn to Dust” on Sept 28, 2010. Highlights of the band’s three year tenure include being referred to as ‘devil music’, playing (outside) the Rose Garden, and having a band member quit the band over Facebook. Faire du Surf was a happy time and a healthy time that we will remember fondly.   

Contact us at: fairedusurf (at) gmail (dot) com

Band Members:
Ian Cunningham, Griffin Taylor, Jacob Taylor, Brennan Jung, Tyler Peterson, Jordan Sjothun, RIley Peavey, and Kurt Caywood in various formations.

“Faire du Surf fits the grade of retro-cool sound that beckons toward sand and surf but also conjures up hilltop cottages and mountain lakes — or any mop-topped house party for that matter. [Griffin] Taylor wears his Brian Wilson affinity on his sleeve, dreaming up full compositions laid with soft intricacies.”
-The Vancouver Voice (May, 2011)

“We love them! Faire du Surf is the greatest band ever!”
-Faire du Surf’s Moms

“Get a real job, hippies.”
-Faire du Surf’s Dads

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