29 Mar

Once was a solid boy from the get-go
Started out that way, but of course decayed
So we just roll our eyes

Stuck to the tip of your tongue still wishing
That the roof of your mouth or your father’s house
Would soon be tumbling down

But nothing in the alphabet could tempt you
Or make your body want to coalesce
If nothing in your heels and nothing in your head could bring you closer
Then you’ve never been kissed on the 29th day of February

Kick it down a notch, you’re everywhere
Take it down in an inch, you’re everywhere
As you should be…

Once you leave the neighbourhood
You’re out of luck and occupied
Struck by premonition
Someone else sneaks inside you

Twice you trust an artifice
Reduced to an odd device
Clawing, scratching, aching, weeping
Out of sight and out of mind, you’re…

If what I said that night was for disposal
And what you learned in school was all a joke
If nothing in this world is something that your righteous head could follow
Then you’ve never been kissed with your eyes closed in the pouring rain


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