Turn to Dust

17 Sep

“Start it again and take a stab at the light
And slowly begin to curse the end of the night
Hollow hearts don’t learn
But ashes made to burn
Will cover all of us and our bodies with dust
Like them

Return to the sound of her voice wishing on an eyelash
That someday she’ll be with a boy who will do what she asks
But wishful eyes just yearn
That one day they’ll get their turn
To cover all of us like an aqueduct of tears

Haven’t slept a single wink but you know just why
Now she is sealing her fate to the sky
But I won’t hold my tongue
Any longer while we’re still young and loved
‘Till midnight comes and we both turn to dust
And we will turn to dust

These lyrics are the cornerstone of the EP, the thesis, the reformist theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the Catholic church, a summary of all the thoughts and ideas going through my head.  They mean a great deal to me and represent a lot of things, in such a way I wrote them to be able to speak, yell, or whisper for themselves, and they do.

EP coming so very soon.


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