Sunny, with a Chance of Dust

8 Aug

I’ve had this idea in my head for months; really since about this March. Idea isn’t even the proper lexical term to fully encompass what I mean.  It’s sort of a combination of an idea, a grand image, a feeling, a mood, a phase, (etc…) that has completely changed my outlook on everything.  In effect, this idea (again, a very all-encompassing use of the word), has made music extremely visual.  Every time I write a song I have this vivid and baroque image in my head of every detail of the song and every detail of the word.  For me, this is crucial.  It helps me create more than a song; it helps me create an image, a feeling, a mood, a phase (like I mentioned above) and lets the lyrics be just as objective and direct as they are arbitrary.

The term, “Turn to Dust”, does just this for me, and the artwork we’ve chosen for it completely maximizes the visual element of the music.  Things will be clearer when it is released (projected for mid-September), and you can all enjoy it and, hopefully, feel what the music and lyrics are calling on the listener to feel as well as draw on your own conclusions and sentiments from it.

The EP will have five songs on it, which we’ve already chosen, and once we are done recording it we’ll announce more specific things about it.  It will be our “Sun Giant”, our “Yellow EP”, our “Modern Age EP”, and the list goes on and on.  We are trying to break the ice and get our name out there and see where we can go with this, and I have never been more confident about anything in my entire life.  Also, for those who are inclined enough to buy it, will receive another free EP in return.


Until midnight comes, and we both turn to dust again. . .”

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