The blue square takes the body…

1 May

Happy May everyone.  I don’t think I could’ve wished for a better time to start over than with a new month.

I feel as though I have been distracted for the past month or so.  The subconscious part of me that I credit for writing my songs has been corrupted and under attack by some sort of external force.  Since about March 17th, I’ve only completed about 3 songs.  This is deeply saddening.  I haven’t had writer’s block, because when I get to that point, I just take a couple weeks off and hang up the guitar.  What I’ve been having, more or less, is what I like to call “fragment block”.  I’ve started probably 10-15 songs, and only “finished” 3 of them.

I think it is also worth noting that my definition of the being “finished” with a song is quite different.  Just as the founding fathers created the Constitution to be a living, breathing, document that could be interpreted differently to fit the times, I consider songs to be living and breathing.  So, in essense, a song is never really finished, but I consider it to be finished when I play it all the way through and feel like I can put a period on it, instead of an ellipsis.  Proof of my style of songwriting has recently been reinforced, as a couple of weeks ago I wrote an alternate third verse to “Layter 1”, nearly 2 and a half years after I wrote the original song.  It makes me happy though because it means that my songs mature along with me, and I don’t feel confined to one set of feelings.  Also, when I play or listen to one of my songs, I don’t feel like it is only serving as a display of my feelings at the time I wrote it, but it also relates to how I’m feeling now, and who knows, maybe how I will feel in the future.

I just felt as if I should explain my logic over the past month or so.  I have been clouded and conflicted, and I think that has definitely reflected in the songs I have “finished”, and the songs I’m still working on “finishing”.  The best metaphor I can think of for this most proximal period of time is that I was sitting on a fence, but that fence had barbed wire on it.  So, as my mindset is changing, my inspiration is also changing, and I’m very interested to see what or who that will be next.

As far as what I’ve been listening to lately, The Morning Benders, Washed Out, Phoenix, and MGMT.  I’d say they’re not having a profound on my writing, because I don’t copy people and I don’t seek out ideas from people’s songs, but their albums are influencing my production ideas, and the general obsession lately has been reverb.  So the next few songs we’ll do will have a lot of big sounds, with a lot of space to breathe.  I’m excited!


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  1. Miles May 12, 2010 at 3:42 am #

    Huh, you, too? Must be something in the April air, I was only able to finish “Mrs Montag” during the last month. And, yeah, I have about four fragments floating around in my head. More than likely, I’ll end up combining a bunch of them.

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