Recording Day 2/Happy b-day Lincoln

13 Feb


Happy birthday Abraham Lincoln.  To celebrate our wonderful president, we recorded an older song, “Layter 1”.  This song is sort of the title track to the eventual LP.  I wrote it in the summer of 2007 and since then it has grown a lot and I’m really pleased with how the recording captured it.  The song’s a bit longer (4:16, to be exact), but I hope you will all enjoy it when we release it. Which brings me to the next topic, we will be keeping these next several recordings to ourselves.  So you will have to wait to hear them for awhile.

We recorded “Layter 1” in exactly an hour and a half and recording was really smooth.  I added acoustic guitar for texture and then more keyboard lines to make it less boring.  I envision we will release it to be heard sometime this summer.


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